TURMAKS is a company specialized in the planning, design and execution of medical and related turnkey projects throughout the globe - with a particular focus on fast support hospitals, mobile field hospitals (Level-II, Level-II+, Level III) and trailer clinics.
Today, TURMAKS is the foremost innovator in the field of integrated, deployable and mobile healthcare solutions which have a proven record of reliability and performance in various applications and environmental conditions. Many talented experts who have worked at the highest of strategic and operational levels in the medical and engineering sectors and company’s core expertise give the capability of shaping end-to-end technology to drive a client's concept of operations, by utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies. Customer requirements are engineered into cutting edge designs, outstanding in both quality and value giving the most economical and affordable solutions with a turnkey delivery, with tailor-made design and manufacture, in the shortest time period.
TURMAKS was established in 1997 and has completed several healthcare projects around the globe such as in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Darfur, Cote d'Ivoire, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Gana and Maldives. TURMAKS has successfully delivered and deployed several fully-equipped Level-II field hospitals and trailer clinics to organizations like UN Peacekeeping Forces and Ministries of Health and Defense of the geographies mentioned above, ready for operation.


Philosophy of TURMAKS dates back to Turkish Independence War (1919-1923), when Eşref Atalay (Grandfather of TURMAKS’ founder Dr. Ali Kemaloğlu) whom was also a friend and the technician of Vecihi Hürkuş, first Turkish aircraft pilot,  had a significant role in airplane production facilities of Turkey, also a pioneer the design and manufacturing of Turkey’s first mobile clinics and delivered it to Turkish Ministry of Health, after war years, these caravan-type mobile clinics gave service to various parts of Turkey.

TURMAKS’s mission and dedication is inspired from Eşref Atalay’s vision, not only develop it to modern state of art technology but also to spread it globally, from design to manufacture, deployment to training, turnkey mobile healthcare solutions.

Turmaks Mobile Solutions Advantages

  • tailor-made design

    tailor-made design

    Turmaks creates special solutions by examining the needs and conditions with expertise on the field
  • short delivery time

    short delivery time

    Turmaks delivers systems in a very short period of time thanks to its dedicated team and manufacturing capabilities
  • affordable


    Turmaks offers best economical options to reach the areas in-need
  • short deployment time

    short deployment time

    Turmaks systems can be deployed much faster with relatively to units with same capabilities
  • easy maintenance

    easy maintenance

    Turmaks systems are designed to be maintained and checked with basic common tools
  • robust-durable


    Turmaks systems are manufactured to work in harsh conditions for a long time
  • easy disassemble-reassemble

    easy disassemble-reassemble

    Turmaks systems can be transferred to other locations when needed
  • self-sufficient systems

    self-sufficient systems

    Turmaks systems can work with its own support units and minimum basic supplies
  • transport alternatives compliant

    transport alternatives compliant

    Turmaks systems complies with freight standard to ensure transportation everywhere
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Mobile Solutions

  • Level 2+ Field Hospital

    This is the most common, optimized version of field hospitals in terms of capacity, medical capabilities for mid term use, Read More
  • Fast Support Hospital

    It is designed to be deployed in a short period of time. It has basic diagnostical and surgical capabilities Read More
  • Field Clinic-Level 1/1+

    Level 1 clinics are suitable for first aid and stabilization of the patients. Due to their smaller size, they Read More
  • One-Plus-One

    This is a very fast solution to meet the emergency surgical needs. Needing only one truck for transport, it Read More
  • Trailer-On Wheels

    It is a very mobile stand-alone solution with a trailer attached on a truck. Having a standard width but Read More
  • Prefabricated

    This is a very similar solution to commonly known prefabricated buildings. Difference comes from Turmaks' expertise in hospital Read More
  • Construction

    Turmaks was founded as a construction company and that comes in prominance in hospital projects or other construction Read More
  • Other-Customized

    Other than offered standard solutions Turmaks can manufacture turn-key systems according to special conditions Read More
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